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Magpul Magazine Preservation Advice

Purchasing a semi-automatic firearm for self-defense is something millions of people do every year. Whether the firearm s a pistol or a rifle, magazine is required in order to feed rounds into the chamber. Properly caring for a magazine is critical for the gun to fire as intended. Benign neglect and magazines do not go well together. Careful storage and the acquisition of a spare are two things necessary for a magazine to work without flaws.

The Springs and Stress

A significant number of gun buyers are newbies. Novice gun owners have swelled in volume over the past five years. Many are attracted to popular weapons on the market. Traditional cylinder revolvers have not been popular for many years. Novices may buy a semi-automatic firearm and leave the bullets loaded in the magazine while the gun remains in a drawer for years. This is not a good thing. The constant tension leads to the springs in the magazine becoming weak. Weak springs mean the bullets will feed more slowly. Slow feed can lead to jams, which means the gun ends up failing. Avoiding such a situation requires taking a few preventive maintenance steps.

Steps To Take

Purchase two magazines, load one and put it into the weapon, and the other one empty. Be sure the magazines are ones manufactured at high quality. (Buying a top quality magazine such as one made by Magpul is definitely recommended) Every week, switch the magazines. Take all the bullets out of the one magazine, and put them into the other. Doing this every week may seem to be a bit much, but the process does preserve the springs in the magazine. The chances of a jam are greatly reduced when the strength of the springs is maintained.